Influencer Network

Will I be notified once I am accepted into the Influencer Network as an influencer?

Yes. You will be notified via email about 2-5 days following your acceptance into the Influencer Network.

When will the next round of applications open to become a Best Buy brand ambassador?

Applications for Best Buy Brand Ambassadors will be available on March 1st.

I’ve emailed the Influencer Network expressing my interest in joining the fun or participating in a specific campaign. Is that enough?

We always welcome messages from influencers interested in working with Best Buy! However, you will need to apply on the website and create a profile for campaign consideration.

I’ve applied to participate in a campaign, but I haven’t received an acceptance email. What does this mean?

If you have not received a confirmation email of acceptance by the “Notify By” date listed on the project page, you have not been selected to participate in this specific campaign. Don’t get discouraged, please stay tuned for all upcoming opportunities!

What’s the difference between a” Product-Seeding” and a “Messaging Only” campaign?

For "Product-Seeding” campaigns, product will be shipped to you for your review and as part of the compensation for your participation. For “Messaging Only” campaigns, you will not receive product for review, but rather, you will only receive an e-gift card as compensation.

Can I participate in more than one campaign at a time?

Yes. However, your participation in more than one campaign at a time is at Best Buy’s sole discretion, based upon various campaign needs and criteria on a case-by-case basis. As a reminder, applying for multiple campaigns does not guarantee your selection.

The short link on the project page is not working. Help!

Please check the campaign project page because short links may go live later than when we provided it on the project page; we do our best to add this information in parentheses when necessary. If a link appears to be broken and does not re-direct to the correct page on the Best Buy website, please contact us at: Once we’re able to update the link, we’ll provide an update via email to all approved influencers for the specific campaign.

What if I do not include the disclaimer in my social posts?

All influencers are required to include FTC disclaimers. All social media posts must include #ad. This is an FTC requirement.

  • For all social media posts, #ad should never be buried behind links or hashtags and should always be above the fold.
  • For Instagram posts, #ad must be within the first two lines of the caption.
  • For live streams or videos, #ad must be superimposed on the video footage.

I am participating in a Product-Seeding campaign and I haven’t received the product yet. What should I do?

Please verify the specified shipping dates on the individual campaign project page. Product may arrive up until or during the campaign launch dates. However, this is rare. Please contact us at if you have not received your product for review and we’ll work with our partners to provide tracking information, if possible.

I have completed my participation and the deadline for a campaign has passed. When can I expect to receive compensation?

Compensation in the form e-gift cards will be available via email 2–4 weeks after campaign completion. This allows our team time to review your content and verify that all requirements have been met.

I completed a campaign, but I haven’t received my e-gift card. Now what?

First, we kindly ask you allow four weeks (up to 30 business days) to receive your e-gift card. Do not reach out before four weeks or we will not have an update to provide you. If you have not received an e-gift card after four weeks has passed, please contact us at

Next, we request that you check your junk or spam folders for e-gift cards. These are automated messages so they can easily get flagged in your inbox. To prevent this from happening, please add as an approved sender to your inbox.

I missed a deadline. What happens next?

Life happens and we understand that. If you ever miss a deadline, please contact us via email at Our team will work with you to determine if an extension is available. If the deadline cannot be modified, we kindly ask you unsubscribe from the campaign so your account is not penalized in our system.

I’ve missed multiple deadlines. What happens to my account?

Multiple missed deadlines can result in your account automatically getting suspended in our system or manual removal from the program. Prior to any disciplinary action taken, we will send communication of the missing content and communication of our intent prior to any permanent action being taken.

I had my social and blog posts scheduled to go live, but I did not have an opportunity to upload them to the Influencer Network website. Will I still receive compensation?

Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate influencers who do not successfully upload their finished work onto the Influencer Network website. We do not have the option to modify or extended due dates, or retro-actively provide compensation for missed deadlines due to strict contracts we have in place with our with vendor partners.

I have a question that is not listed here. Who can I contact and how can I do it?

Please do not hesitate to contact our team at

I emailed the Influencer Network and have not received a response. How long should this take?

Our small-but-mighty team actively monitors our inbox daily and work to respond to your emails in a timely manner. We strive to reply within 24–48 hours or sooner, if possible. If you message our team over the weekend, please allow through Tuesday morning to receive a reply. Thank you for your patience.

Selection Consideration:

Completed Profiles: Our system will not allow us to select you for a campaign if your profile is incomplete. Please ensure that your profile is updated, complete and includes: follower counts, address, email, social links, etc.
Social Following and Engagement: Although this is not a determining factor in our selection process, we do consider social following and engagement. We select influencers with a variety of follower counts to ensure that there is diversity for the projects that we launch. Our team also vets for influencer fraud (I.E. Fake followers, etc.) and campaigns that may be considered conflicts of interest.
Social Channels: Some campaigns call for engagement on specific social channels (Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). If you do not have a social media channel required for a specific campaign, you will not qualify for such campaign.
Previous Campaign Participation: Best Buy may suspend your participation in future campaigns if you sign up for, but do not complete a campaign as required; if you do not upload all of the required campaign links to the Influencer Network site; if you do not adhere to FTC requirements by failing to disclose your material connection to Best Buy; if you do not produce quality posts; or do not include all of the required links, handles or images per the project brief.

Helpful Tips:

Completed Profiles: Our system will not allow us to select you for a campaign if your profile is incomplete. Please ensure that your profile is updated, complete and includes: follower counts, address, email, social links, etc.
Selection Considerations: When Best Buy selects you for participation in a campaign, this decision may be based upon campaign specific criteria and other factors. These factors may include, but are not limited to:
• Your personal brand’s relevancy to a campaign
• Quality of your content
• Ability to PERSONALIZE campaign messaging for your unique audience; copying and pasting is
not recommended.
• Social following and engagement
• Ability to deliver on the campaign requirements
• Successful completion of previous campaigns
We hope this never happens, but in order to maintain the integrity of the Influencer Network, Best Buy may suspend your participation in future campaigns under circumstances including, but not limited to:
• If you sign up for, but do not complete a campaign as required
• If you do not upload the required links to the site
• If you fail to comply with FTC requirements by failing to disclose your material connection to Best Buy
• If your posts do not include all the required links, handles or images established in the project brief

Can I download this FAQ?

Yes, click HERE to download.