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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Collectible SteelBook Twitter Only Campaign

X-Men Fan?  Have we got the campaign for you! X-Men: Dark Phoenix is Fox’s #1 title for the year and Best Buy has a Collectible SteelBook which has exclusive art to Best Buy.
We are looking for 100 Influencers interested in promoting the X-Men: Dark Phoenix 4K Blu-ray Collectible SteelBook via the Twitter platform. We are seeking influencers that are X-Men Fans and Franchise Owners, Movie Collectors/Devoted Diehards and Theatrical Movie-goers who loved the movie. 
The projects consist of 2 Tweets 9/17 AND 9/19 - 9/20 on your Twitter platform. 
**Note** - this does not require posts on your blog or any other vehicles.
Compensation: $50 Best Buy e-Gift Card
Scope: for this campaign requires 2 Twitter Post only.
**Must complete both Tweets in the designated timeframe to receive compensation. 
Please Note: Your information on your profile must be complete and up to date in order to be considered for this project. 
** Payment for all influencers selected for this project will be sent 3-4 weeks after the due date to ensure all of the content has been posted correctly. 
Any posts uploaded to the project site after the due date will not be captured in our payment file, please be sure to complete all posts, blogs and social by the project due date listed below. 
If you are interested in participating in this project AND can meet all of the requirements, please click on the “Apply to Project” button to the right. 
Influencers selected for this project will be notified via email no later than September 6. If you do not hear from us by this date, you have not been selected to participate in this project.
Project Criteria: 
Due Date:   BOTH posts are due by September 20th
Social Media: Posts must be shared via your Twitter site and use #ad
Compensation: $50 Best Buy E-gift Card
Disclaimer: **Please use #ad in your social media**
• Include the link in all posts, include @BestBuy in all posts, and @XMenMovies in both posts. 
Twitter: @XMenMovies, @BestBuy
Hashtag: #XMen: #DarkPhoenix or #DarkPheonix if we can only fit one hashtag
• Do not use any inappropriate language/quotes within your Tweet
Link: (Link live on Sept. 6)
Images: Please use both images provide (use one for 9/17 AND one for 9/19 - 9/20)
Messaging for Tweet:
• Be sure to personalize your Twitter  posts messaging 
• Feel free to state how much you love the movie in the post – be authentic
You don’t need to copy the verbiage verbatim – Just make this as authentic as possible. The goal is to remind customers the movie is finally here and available today at BBY!
                •Primary Objective #1: Calling out the movie is available today at Best Buy
                •Primary Objective #2: Calling out that Best Buy has a Collectible SteelBook which includes custom art that can only be found at Best Buy
• Please write the 2 Tweets (one on  9/17 AND 9/19 - 9/20) in your own words incorporating the messaging below including; @BestBuy, @XMenMovies, #ad, image, and LINK
**MUST include: IMAGE, #ad, @BestBuy, @XMenMovies and the Link in all Tweets**
Optional Hashtags: #XMen or #DarkPhoenix 
Messaging could be exact Tweet or can be modified using the same message theme: “Shop the Only @Best Buy Exclusive @XMenMovies SteelBook available Today!!”
Tweet #1: 9/17
• Priority Message #1: “#DarkPhoenix is now available! Get yours in a Collectible SteelBook package today @BestBuy! (Note: These are exclusive, only to Best Buy).
• Priority Message #2: “I love the movie” or “go get yours today” or “im excited to get my copy” or “best movie of the year!” – If you genuinely liked the movie, let the world know!
Example Tweets:
• “Stop by Best Buy to pick up your X-Men: Dark Phoenix 4K Blu-ray Collectible SteelBook available today!  @XMenMovies, @BestBuy #ad, Link”
• “Dark Phoenix is available today, and you can get a copy today at Best Buy with super cool packaging that is exclusive to Best Buy! @XMenMovies, @BestBuy #ad, Link” 
Tweet #2: 9/19 - 9/20
• Priority Message #1: “Collector’s SteelBook” -X-Men: Dark Phoenix 4K Blu-ray Collectible SteelBook available today at Best Buy. Get your Limited Edition, Collectors SteelBook while supplies last!
• Priority Message #2: “I love the movie”, “go get yours today”, “im excited to get my copy”, “best movie of the year!” - If you genuinely liked the movie, let your followers know.
Example Tweet:
“X-Men: Dark Phoenix 4K Blu-ray Collectible SteelBook, the best movie of the year, is out now! Get your SteelBook while supplies last  #XMen: #DarkPhoenix, @BestBuy #ad, Link”

By participating and fulfilling your obligations to this project you will receive

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Gift Card

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Project dates

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Friday, September 6, 2019
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Thursday, September 12, 2019
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Friday, September 20, 2019